Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thanks for all the support...

Don't worry, that does not mean what such a headline can usually mean!

Though of course we are always grateful for anyone taking the time to swing by and see what's here and on itself:)

However, the eagle-eyed may have noticed that of late that has not been much... at all.

Simply pressures of work and responsibilities elsewhere... plus costs.

Running a site, finding content, etc, even writing a blog, all takes time, and there has simply been none for a while.

With luck things are starting to settle, and when that happens a little can be put aside to get back in the saddle up-loading ideas and other stuff.

There will be changes, and some are sort of happening, if in limbo, now, and have been for months.

The main aspect is the moving of the site from a dedicated (expensive) server with major hosting costs to a much cheaper WordPress version.

Sadly this will mean some loss of functionality, so we're looking at what people never really were bothered about, and dropping all that simply to keep the bits that are liked.

This may... almost certainly, also involve a massive amount of transcribing to get the data from the old site over in a from the new whiz-bang stuff can read. We're talking converting a hand-illuminated script Guggenheim Bible to Google. Not easy.

But we are going to try.

Oh, and that thanks? It's to David Jenkins at who took over a clunker decades ago and have nursed it along ever since, and are now helping us as we port over as and when we can.

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