Saturday, April 15, 2006

3C, or not 3C, that is the question

It's all a matter of degree.

With no allusions as to left/right balance, we have this from the BBC and this from the Telegraph 'Too late' to stop 3C rise in temperature


I just hope that with all the inevitable hot air flying about that will continue, doubtless in more heated form following this, there may be a few that still see the value in avoiding unnecessary waste by doing our best to reduce, reuse, repair & recycle.

And, with luck, there will be some money to spare from the vast amounts that are getting thrown around thinking about it all, to actually educate and motivate the average person in a way they can, and would want to get to grips with.

But why do I suspect 'they' will still be dicking about arguing whether it's 2 or 3 degrees even when the cows have come home... with melanomas, only to drown in the barns built on floodplains. Serves 'em right for all the methane they produced, I suppose. 

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