Friday, January 26, 2007

Pitch Perfect

See an opportunity... grab it!

With apologies for a double post - their system's fault.

Amapedia -- Amazon to take on Wikipedia

I know I rather missed the point, but having heard of neither I decided to give them a go in case I could integrate them with my site, which lets you search for specifications and ideas to make use of... junk!

OK, so these things are not there to find fmcg products. D'Oh!

For what it's worth I'd have to say the Wikki one's homepage, search function and navigation I found waaaay easier than amanadingwhatsis (sorry, the panel doesn't let you scroll to see originals you're replying to, and I don't want to lose this text hitting the go back key)

ps: If you ever do find anything I can hook up with to help save the planet from rampant consumerism, let me know:)

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