Thursday, March 29, 2007

See what staying up all night does for you

He can try and play it. I'll still 'Hmn' it.

Miliband - I'm in tune with the 'I can' generation

An interesting collection of virtues there. And a few notable absences: Honesty. Ethics, Substance. Leadership. Trust...

With the exception of the first that has been cited, all seem more to do with self, as opposed to public... service.

But then, that is probably what politicians today think politics requires... as virtues. With luck the vote, while we still enjoy a free one, will rectify such a notion.

Though obviously out of tune with the hipster, ‘cool’ and ‘now’ crowd embodied by today’s David Brent ministerial class, but still as a British subject, parent, worker, homeowner (and voter, let’s not forget), I can think of and wish for a bit more from my aspiring leaders than ‘being in tune with the times’ as a number one ambition.

It all rather smacks of reacting to now, rather than thinking ahead, proactively creating and inspiring to improve on the future.

As does “I can”. Leaves things a tad vague to my tastes, and almost begs to be followed by ‘...but I may not’, which renders it without any value. Or if there is movement intended, it seems towards more and more ‘talk’ at the expense of any ‘walk’. Sounds about right.

This nation is rapidly in danger of seeing merit in and rewarding the culture of rushing to be the first to be second. Not to do what's right. But simply not to be seen to be wrong.

When I see third sector initiatives - delivered to meet calls bannered under slick titles such as ‘Inspiring Creative Innovation’ and ‘Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship’ - getting rejected for being ‘unproven’ (what else is an innovation but..?) at the expense of ‘proven’ over-staffed, unaccountable, mysteriously vague ROI’d quango money pits, then I know the bean counters have truly decided to be the only ones left seated, albeit with ever more growling stomachs, in the cafe.

Me, I prefer those who say “I am...” and are, or, at a pinch, “I will...”, and do, so long as the promise is met within a decent, specified, reasonable time period.

I of course appreciate it is me who is meant to be motivated by this mantra, but as those who would wish to enjoy the fruits of government seem so unable to live by it, I’m hard pressed to see why I should do their jobs, and pay them for not doing them.

But I am in fact doing all I can. Not because of what hype and spin soundbite politicians have had written by minders to parrot from their membership cards (and it seems not that often delivered in reality), but in spite of them.

And that... really excites me, at least.

GUARDIAN - A backroom conspiracy

'We can't just carry on with New Labour. It is seen as self-obsessed, media-fixated and corrupt '

It has been said before, but it's worth saying it again. Repeat after me....

'....and that's because...'

ps: Nice, uncorrupt piece by Mr. Miliband in the Telegraph today. Two out of three ain't half bad. Literally.

Guardian - Labour must act against this group of dedicated wreckers

Has anyone read what the 'other' option being touted to lead our country has by way of a vision thing?

ps; It's in the Telegraph. Linked from the above. Saves me cut, edtitting and pasting, as I don't have 'people' on the public payroll to do it for me.

Telegraph - Labour's fresh voice

'Isn't it insane that under New Labour the taxpayer pours billions into the NHS, but still ends up with worse benefits than they could buy from the reviled free market system of the US?'

Welcome to our world.

Imagine if they were running a business?

Better yet, how would they fare on The Apprentice?

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