Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I blog, therefore I am... in need of being nannied

One more from the Ministry of Pointless Protocols (MOPP), hot on the heels of telling folk that a paedophile (presumably one that is too chicken to cross the road, get on the bus or drive a car) is 'somewhere' in the vicinity to 'reassure' parents:

Weblogs 'need content warnings'

Howls of protest as web gurus attempt to banish bad behaviour from blogosphere

Me, I prefer good manners, common sense and courtesy. Sadly there are those who do not operate this way, never have and never will, and no hyped-up job-creation nonsense by society-parasitic jobsworths and complicit ratings media will make a damn bit of difference to that. Ever.

Telegraph - Pilot scheme will allow parents to find out if paedophiles live nearby

Guardian - Civil engineering

Phew! I thought the bloggers of the world had rather cleverly united under the banner 'the only thing worse (to a medium) than being abused is being ignored'.

But now the damn, and blast, has broken, I can pop in my t'pennyworth at last.

IMHO... why not? It keeps those with nothing better to do amused, gives the hacks something to froth about, and allows a few pond-dwellers to vent on something new.

As to actually making any difference, they'll be suggesting letting folk know that paedophiles (presumably non-mobile ones) 'are in the vicinity' is a good way to reassure the community.

Bless. If the news got any slower, we'd need the Tardis to read it.

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