Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What do YOU think?

Newsnight - what amazes me is the quality of replies so far. Looks like the show went as predicted, and I'm not sure it's worth watching.

"Iran - Is anyone likely to carry the can for the public relations fiasco?"

Ye jest, surely. Who these days ever is? And... was it all just PR? Remind me, who was where when one nation took another nation's representatives hostage at gunpoint? I can't wait to see what The Sun says.

"And... is it time to admit that the European strategy of engagement with the Islamic regime has failed?"

Er... now? Guess that's why they get the big bucks in Brussels.

"A Paedophile pilot scheme"

As a parent I would feel soooo much better knowing some individual who poses a potential threat to my kids is 'in the vicinity'. Big up to the guys who thought that one up and the media who gave them airtime.

Just hope these guys haven't figured out how to move about a bit. Maybe that's what's meant by a 'pilot scheme'.

"Does the net need a new code of conduct? "

Like a country near here needs a moral compass that's not provide by its 'leaders' in government, clergy, military or the media. Ans: Probably, but it ain't going to happen, or make a whit of difference. Fills some airtime 'debating' it, I guess.

Make sure you wheel on a twofer for the nightly spectacle. I'd suggest a rabid shock jock and a leftie luvvie to be truly representative of what 'we' should think.

Gotta pay the bullet-proof, gold-plated, index-linked pensions with a ratings booster. Nothing like them old media values.

'Now, viewers, tell us what YOU think.'


I wrote first before I watched, as the questions asked seemed answerable. Having read the above I don't think I'll even bother checking the online feed to see what actually transpired.

If those who care enough to write are your most important 'customers', perhaps a few more questions are in order, internally, from editorial upwards, before the credibility of one of the few worthwhile news outlets joins that of the rest of the UK media wasteland.

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