Thursday, April 05, 2007

Irony is in short supply, too

It is great to be back at home, in a well, naturally-lit room (or, preferably, outdoors) with my kids around me. However, some aspects of this job I really dread.

High on the list is watching the BBC 'News'.

This lunchtime there was yet another piece on climate change. One reporter sent to Brussels to cover the latest conference (apparently, something needs to be done). One reporter sent to Mexico where some lake is receding and the locals want something done as they are losing the tourist visitors (is there such a thing as double irony?), and one course another sent to Antarctica to talk on a video phone about why all this travelling we're doing (presumably going to report from a blizzard some decent CGI could knock up... or even a nice backdrop, is not an option) is not helping.

Still, it was nice all the folk interviewed at Heathrow were really thinking of not going to Florida again this year, and maybe would just cut down to Europe or the Med.

And speaking of Heathrow, wasn't it nice to see those two helicopters taking the captive sailors off to Devon?

BBC - Europe diary: Cars and lobbyists - Not sure, but I do belive a different reporter to the Brussels one above

Just watched BBC Lunchtime News and one of the main features was this latest climate change fest. I was just wondering if Mr. Mardell was the UK reporter from this venue, as opposed to the one in Mexico by the lake that's getting no more tourists because of global warming (double irony?) or the one who flew to the Arctic to 'report' live on how flying to the Arctic is causing a problem (triple irony?).

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