Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nice Surprise

As will be shared in some surrounding blogs (I have not quite figured out how to make the 'Drafts' and 'Publish' dates synchronise in the intended sequence here), I really need some help to make more of the opportunities of social sites such as MySpace and YouTube, etc.

Speaking of the former, I arrived back (see, I think you will find out where I have been later) to find out that a "Michael Meacher" wanted me/ to be his MySpace (nifty music!) chum. So imagine my surprise to fin out that he was in fact 'the' MM, who is one of the few Labour pols to have walked his talk on the environment a long time, and consistently. I may have disagreed with him a few times in the past on some issues, but I do not doubt his sincerity and desire to make my kids' future better. So I am flattered and encouraged that he (or, more likely, his team), found out about us and was sufficiently interested to get in touch. Maybe we can help each other. Who knows?

Anyway, I have written to him as you don't often get a direct line to a senior pol in this way, which will also acta a prequel to my next blog:

Dear Michael,

Wonderful to have someone of your calibre and obvious commitment to the environment swing by. I must do a lot more to make this site (and other socials) work a bit harder for and its cause. I really need to get someone who knows about it all to sort this out asap (sadly my sons are a tad young still).

Just back from London after a very frustrating and expensive (mostly time) trip thanks to one of the myriad funded entities that seem to exist to consume money and hit targets before getting round to actually making the future any better on a genuine enviROI basis.

So I have a few pithy bits of feedback for your colleague Mr. Miliband; not just on the environment, but also Third Sector issues and how social enterprise and entrepreneurship is actually being supported and could be to much greater effect.

That is, if you think he may be interested:)

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