Sunday, May 20, 2007

Better than expected?

I just opened a read the latest email newsletter form the latest in a long line of lifestyle newsletter/feeds that I get. It's called ecogeek, and perfectly good it is too. Today they are suitably excited about their progress:

Another Milestone is Upon Us. We've just passed 1,000 RSS users and are officially being forced onto a dedicated server because people love us so much!

Even more awesome? EcoGeek is now providing content to Yahoo! along with a few other top environmental blogs like TreeHugger and WorldChanging. Check out for more.

Good for them, and well done. But it got me to thinking. does waaaaay better than that. Click on the link and we do a lot better than Yahoo, too.

Now, I need to capitalise on this as it obviously matters. And helps spread the word further.

Yet again, this is an area I know of, but not much about, and need to get going on this pronto.

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