Saturday, May 19, 2007

Politics. As Usual.

Good day for burying awkward news?

'Just how does this fit into Gordon Brown's new attempt to build trust?'

Well, I suppose it does seem a good way of trying to erase analysis of various parties' roles in the last ten years, and 'starting afresh', in theory untainted by the fact that he and most who still surround him were in the room when it all happened... Pensions, Education, Health, Iraq...

I'm still trying to get to grips with how this government thinks they bear no responsibility for their collective actions previously - under a leader they elected, - simply because a new leader has oozed into the top slot due to lack of... well, everything really.

I for one am living what they have created and know who bears responsibility. Trouble is, when it comes to voting them out there is precious little alternative, though I'm damned if this time I'll allow my protest be deemed a 'spoiled vote'. It was a democratic statement of my view on the competence who would claim to be fit to lead us, and should have been accorded status as such.

I just hope the 'Anyone but these clowns' clown who does get in has the humility to realise that by scraping in with a pathetic percentage of a pathetic percentage who vote does not count, nor should be trumpeted as 'a mandate from the people'. What are the odds?

Indy - The MP, his quad bike and a phoney scare story - Well said. It's just another nail in the coffin of the people's faith, and trust, in those who would claim to 'serve' the public.

Letters - QED

Indy - MPs have no reason to be exempt from FoI law, watchdog warns

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