Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting what you deserve?

This could be deemed a slight case of shooting in the foot if taken one way, but I choose to believe that, having had some measure of award success in certain areas, I can at least make comment without being accused of total sour grapes (especially as, in the case below, I didn't apply - by clean forgetting - more fool me).

In fact I won't comment too much, but let the facts, and others, do it for me.

First up is this from the press office of the Observer Ethical (hold that thought) Awards:


The shortlist is revealed today for the second Observer ethical awards... The entrants were judged by a combination of reader votes and by a celebrity panel, which included Alastair MacGowan, David James and Emily Eavis. The winners will be announced at an award ceremony in London on June 7.

The Observer ethical awards aim to reward those pioneering a sustainable
future for the country and provide a unique opportunity to recognise and
reward the very best products, innovations and schemes that make living
ethically achievable.

There are some other interesting nominees in my view (look at the supermarkets), but this little lot grabbed my attention:

Politician of the Year
Gordon Brown
Caroline Lucas
David Cameron

Looking at the way the votes were cast, and having a vague understanding of people's motivations, I can sort of see how Mr. Cameron made it through sheer media spin and presence (that is, being on it, an no , in my view, by having any), if not, by any tangible measure why. Caroline Lucas makes sense, but I'd be fascinated to know who outside a pretty small circle have heard of her.

In fact I'm guessing a lot of folk had to scrabble to think of anyone in politics as actually, genuinely 'green' (which, as Ethical Man's travels taught me, is not quite the same as ethical).

But.... Gordon Brown?????!

Let's leave it to Dave of Solarventi:

And as on one hand Gord tells us about promoting eco houses and renewables....
… the other hand reduces grants! See the Indy

Hmn. Worth winning in such company?

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