Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Human Footprint

Ch4, repeated recently on More4

As I wrote:

I live and work in the world of environmental issues, specifically trying to make people think more and then act on their impacts. This programme was excellent. Entertaining as well as thought-provoking. And stunningly produced, directed, shot and edited. Well done. If you ever decide to move into a similar, more specific effort of this nature on any aspect of our consumer lifestyles, especially packaging (I have, as an exercise, not thrown anything away for 4 years - so the scenes of endless rows of bottles resonated. Though the missus is not thrilled), let me know.

This is the way to make a difference, through fun and not guilt, nanny or scold. Rather than an Inconvenient Truth this should be in all our schools, and I'm amazed to have only stumbled upon it tucked away like this. I must have been asleep when it was aired mainstream.

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