Saturday, May 12, 2007

Only logical, it is.

This is interesting as I had almost given up on Innocent, who seem a darn good fit in more ways than one, but there may yet be a way (he said, mysteriously, and Yoda-like), of which more another time.

Lament for lost Innocence

Such alliances/deals always seem to spark the same commentary. I find it interesting the higher standard that some are held to just because they have a product that is healthier/more ethical, etc. Like Anita Roddick and Body Shop. It is theirs, and business is business. It's not like they are going to the Dark Side.

A powerful riposte to such critiques would be to simply stand one's ground and point out it is a lot more effective to get 'in' and cause change from that side, than being outside ranting... so long as one is firm on one's principles and takes all chances to let them spread.

I was once asked if I'd ever put an Esso ad on my site, and caused much feather ruffling by saying 'of course'. Thing is, my local station has an LPG pump, and I will for sure let them advertise THAT, but certainly not 4* . You never know, if they start seeing enough revenue coming in they may ditch a petrol pump for another more eco-option.

Use the market forces, Luke...

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