Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In the no... idea

Miliband a bit green

As it is just up the road I guess I should have gone, but thank you for this review as substitute. Sadly it merely confirms everything I am coming to believe about this government's commitment to things environmental, and its competence in doing anything fair, practical and effective addressing them even if it had any notion beyond meeting targets and making various peripheral, questionably useful folk very rich

After all that has been shared, THIS is the best that they could come up with?

ps: Nice one, Mr. Hood; Nice one.

Guardian - Is political leadership renewable? - How does one get to write these efforts?

I'm a bit more concerned with whether it has the brains, remnants of public-service commitment and honesty to assess the local, national and global enviROI (return on investment that goes beyond the financial and addresses tangible environmental gains and not just target-meeting for bonus-burghers and short-term political points-scoring) of such initiatives and, assuming these to be real and worthwhile, have the ability and small vestiges of trust that are left necessary to explain it to the population in terms they can understand, appreciate and respond to positively.

What are the odds? The last few eco-outings (road pricing, chip 'n bin, etc) have not gone too well, really. Unsurprising, as most seem to have been based on trying to impose on the public penalties to compensate for a decade of listening and fudging, when a bit of early-adoption hearing and acting might have spared a few behinds from the exposure they are trying to shunt over to a less than willing electorate.

It's a pity, because so much of these efforts are needed and do make sense in an ever-more crowed world, but knee-jerks to meet targets, and issuing bonuses to departments and quangos who exceed them with more hype than substance is not the best way, IMHO, to get the public to buy into anything.

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