Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lunch. Working?

A while ago my frustrations with BBC's Working Lunch bubbled up and I fired off an overly aggressive, cause-affecting complaint, to which they fired back a very defensive licence-fee-negotiation-damaging reply. Neither side came out of this well.

Sadly, I still need media. And they, in theory, seem to be soliciting stories. Look what was in my in-box today:

Over the coming week on Working Lunch you will see me sitting on two hundred thousand bushels of corn, sheltering under a solar powered tent and revving up an aircraft engine powered by a fuel cell. We've been on the hunt for renewable technologies again, but this time in the USA. All the companies have a special feature: they prefer to list their shares and raise money on London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

The quest took us up the Oregon Trail to Wyoming, down through the cornbelt to Iowa and back to Massachusetts and its quaint woods and villages. It's a fascinating story. On the one hand you'll see the world's technological powerhouse feeling its way towards a low carbon future. On the other, you'll hear the pioneers of these frontier technologies saying that they need our help to realise their dreams.

On Monday I'll be looking at ethanol as a replacement for petrol and, later in the week, at flexible solar panels and those fuel cells. There will also be a feature on electric vehicles being made in the UK. Please send in your questions on the technologies we show and on AIM - we plan to answer as many as we can on Friday.

But why, oh why, do they keep posting this, when I and many others have responded to not even get the courtesy of a reply?:


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