Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There was an interesting article on this morning's Indy on-line version about how both the Lib Dems and the Tories had developed plans for major CO2 emissions cuts for the whole of the UK.

But coming back to it to review it for comment, the article has now been removed from their site!

What gives? Has someone dropped a major clanger? Or was someone telling porkies and they withdrew it as soon as it was realised?
The article is now back in place, albeit looking slightly amended, though I cannot honestly state just what has actually changed. The original was timed at something like 07:09, this version is timed at 09:15.

Maybe a minor editorial change was all that happened?

ADDENDUM (by Junkk Male) - This from the Greens: Lucas questions grey parties' commitment to tackling climate change - 'Grey parties'. I like that... clever.


Peter said...

You mean this one?:

Tories and Lib Dems produce radical plans to cut emissions

If so, I'm pressed to see much that I would call 'radical', though I guess it is good to see both at least giving the issue serious consideration.

Though I wonder if this will always be the case with opposition, when government worries more about economic factors that affect the pocket and hence votes.

Lawrence Clark said...

The on-line version looks very similar to the printed version, though I haven't checked it word for word!

I think it would be radical if it was implemented! It's interesting to see that they're suggesting lower income tax in combination with higher 'green' taxes: a carrot as well as a stick.


Peter said...

I guess we are sort of agreeing, the key words being 'if implemented'.

I do cock an eyebrow at the Tories talking about VAT. How then does that ensure taxes in the name of green get fed back into the cause of green?