Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hero Time!

Ok, now, Focus people, Focus.

In case you are wondering, I am selling out to... er... being seduced by the corporate sector. But it is in a good cause.

While I was away a PR agency asked me if I would be interested in a competition, and while I am always up for an adventure have to confess that it slipped my mind.

Well, big up to them for not letting me forget, and so here it is:

Calling all you Green Heroes!

Have you got what it takes to be the King or Queen of Green?

Are you a recycling Queen or a composting King? Do you regularly collect the drain water to keep the roses in bloom? Or, perhaps you know someone who goes out of their way to protect the environment in everything they do?
If so, then you could be the ultimate Green Hero as Focus DIY launches a search for environmental champions across the country - no compost heap too big or watering can too small - to be crowned Green Hero 2007.

The nominations come as new research shows three quarters of people have taken positive steps to go green and save the planet for their children and grandchildren. Despite this, there's still a lot to be done. A third of drivers admitted they will drive less than a mile - easy walking distance - to see friends, drop the kids off at school or simply to pop to the shops.
To help you go green and celebrate the start of the Green Thinking from FOCUS campaign we have compiled some simple top tips to a greener life:

* Buy Forest Stewardship Council (
FSC) recommended wood products, They contain wood from legal and well-managed forests.

* Use peat free multi-purpose compost. Peat is best kept in its natural state in the countryside - providing a home for unique types of plants, butterflies and insects.

* Use energy saving products e.g. light bulbs or check out the Energy Saving Trust.

* If you see a light on, that doesn't need to be, why not turn it off and do the earth a favour.

* Don't just throw it in the bin. Is it glass, plastic, cans, cardboard or paper that can be recycled. Where is your nearest recycling centre? Better yet... reuse it on (Ok, so I added that)!

* Donate unwanted household or gardening items to charities.
Or give it away via JunkkYard (uh-huh... that too).

* By taking garden waste to a local recycling centre, or recycling through their doorstep collection service for it to be turned into compost, gardeners are saving valuable space in landfill

The efforts of people who go that extra green mile make a huge difference to the environment and set a great example to others in the community. So if you are, or know someone who cares about the environment and takes the green option when doing jobs around the home and garden then visit
and nominate your Green Hero. You could be in with a chance of winning great prizes.

Thing is I am being a smidgen selfish here as I do note the words '...if you are...' in there, so I will be applying for yours truly too. Don't feel you can't say nice things about us too, though.

But if in learning about this from me and you get to win instead, think kindly of your old mates at pretty please?

I may even add this to our February newsletter if I can find the time.


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Peter said...


Happy to spread the word!

Why not also go onto the main site and sign up your company and get a listing on our diRE:ctory.

We like anything that's free and which helps folk help the planet.

the listing is free and a good way to get further exposure on the site.