Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ready. Aim.. er, who gets fired, again?

Although I loathe most targets as the box-ticking wastes of resource they can be, I can see the need for measures. But what is the point of them if there are almost no consequences to their being met. Or not? UK 'may miss 2020 target for CO2'

'Ministers rejected the think tank's claims for several years before finally conceding it was correct.'

I can think of a few ways to save money and do some stuff that may actually help.

Indy - Britain 'miles away' from hitting targets on carbon emissions - Make that 'will miss, I guess'. Standby by for some major bonus-protecting measures from those in charge that will be designed to meet targets if not actually help the planet.

Indy - A mountain awaits the Climate Tsar - Great, the big solution is to create a new job. And how many 'Tsars' can you think of that achieved diddly?

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Dave said...

Just the same as the 20% of power from renewables target which we are going to miss by a mile. See the post in this very blog 'Coming clean on going green'.

At least Ol' Golden Brown can rightfully claim that it wasn't him that announced the target! The simplest and oldest get-out of all time.