Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who are we gonna listen to?

Or, for that matter, understand. I share what I think is a very interesting post from Real Climate, telling as much for how they are saying it as what is said: Who ya gonna call?

To be honest it was an effort. But I detected two themes. One, the main one, was that a lot of science needs a lot of time before anything definitive can be arrived at. Fair enough.

Second, a lot of media don't want to wait that long. Sadly true.

I think one poster was suggesting therefore that to report on such things a journalist needs to be scientifically qualified, which is sweet in theory but ain't gonna happen.

But overall what do I, a poor schmo trying get through the fog to a answer, derive from this?

Not very much is the personal answer. There seems to be a lot of fiddling while Rome burns, and there are still too many who are happy to be vying for lead in the string section of the orchestra rather than grabbing the nearest fire extinguisher.

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