Saturday, November 17, 2007

Absolutely the lastest and worstest... yet

I just woke up to the BBC's coverage of the IPCC report.

Seems that Climate Change IS down to man and we are on the verge of a catastrophe. Really.

Odd then that it was about third in priority the national newscaster's morning report (not figuring too high in the national papers either. Pity the Spice Girls reformed on the same day as Children in Need.... as the world goes down the tube).

Anyway, the Green Elite are off from Valencia to Bali to doubtless issue yet another 'this is the one'. Ironically in the same show there was a Newswatch about a piece where a hotel in Las Vegas was covered live as it was demolished by explosion. So we waited... and waited... and almost gave up. And then it exploded, but only as many had given up waiting despite being told it was coming.

Not really the BBC's fault as they had been told the time and it didn't happen as and when advised (the jolly piece about the urban cat being picked up daily... in a dirty great 4x4... being simply an 'interesting' piece).

That's the problem with relying on uncertainties to issue warnings.

I am just not sure how many such 'outings' can be engaged upon, at least in this manner, before people begin to 'drift'.

And such is my weariness with the assault, and lack of faith in their commitment to balanced science, despite the fact that it is clearly stated that it IS, NOW, man-made, I simply am not able to believe it and will continue to concede man-worsened, for all sorts of personal and professional and personal reasons.

I also rather suspect there are others who feel the same, or are even more dubious.

Of course, I will continue, as I have done for years, to DO all I can to mitigate our impact anyway, because I reckon what is going on it's best to get on with some less wasteful behaviour.

STOP PRESS - Coke is thinking of popping its carbon footprint on its cans, as have Walkers. No one had a clue what it was all about. So at least the BBC had a slight sense that this aspect was a bandwagon that was out of control. Sahme they can't make the connection with the main... er.. almsot main... piece. I totally agreed with The Friends of the Earth lady who said it was not up to the consumer to wade through all this, and totally despaired at the Carbon Trust executive's defence of the role of organisations such as his in the proliferation of endless awareness campaigns we are being bombarded with... to little effect, evidently (see above).

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