Saturday, November 17, 2007

No news is.. well, in the news

I have been moved to write to the BBC News as their latest (it has arisen before) 'report' on a crisp labelling was wofeul!

What was all that about? Walkers puts a label that means nothing to anyone and can be compared with nothing, yet get a load of publicity. And now Coke are jumping the bandwagon.

Yes, there was debate of sorts, but not exactly helpful. A lady from something or other to say it raises awareness and a guy from Boots to mutter about a shampoo they might or might not have tried it on but are now 'standing back'.

And this on the day the IPCC report features second after an ongoing historical murder investigation. Shame the Spice Girls and Comic Relief got in on the act to distract from mankind's cat-astrophe, too. Or is that why we also got Sgt. Podge, the 4x4 hitching moggy?

No wonder no one is taking much seriously!

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