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Now I can see an overlap between various other information sources, and some do other things, but it's a start:

Here! You're looking at one!

Now I don't really need to tell you this, but take all with a massive pinch of salt. Everyone (me too) has an agenda (especially most governments and media, so their offerings are especially suspect), and there will always be the temptation to share what one agrees with and edit what one does not. Even links to info sources can be suspect, because there may be missing links to others that have been ignored, yet may offer balance.

Sadly, the best way I can suggest is to trawl a good spread and try and come to a conclusion on the basis of what your head and heart makes of the totality. Ain't no way to run a planet, but hey.

Where I've had a chance to review and form an opinion I'll drop a few notes. I'll also pop in a quick code as to where I think they are coming from, but that will be inevitably subjective, as will their content. So stick with the facts!

CO - Climate optimist
CP - Climate pessimist

SITES ABOUT SITES - NEW - This is hardly a definitive list, and frankly there are too mnay daily coming online to cope with, so here's a cop out to be going on with:

Mashable - NEW - 100+ Sites for Green Living - pretty good, and indexed!!!

Climate Change

Climate Audit - CO
Climatedeabtedaily - Both!
junk science - CO(ish)
Real Climate - CP

Major Media

Andrew Marr Show
Green Room
Today (R)
The Editors


Have Your Say/Open House - refers to front page issues
Ethics Girl

Reuters -

The Economist

The Times
Top 50 Eco Blogs - A fair summary with oodles more new ones, but like any as good as the person(s) compiling. Interestingly, there is none of the usual Times moderation lag, and by coming in late I have, for now, got us top billing!

Not quite so major, but still worth scoping

badscience - well informed. Good style of writing. Don't dare to cross the 'in-crowd' though
bestgreenblogs - may as well give this section up now! No, seriously, you can't argue this does exactly what it says on the URL. I'd sign up but they have some rules and regs about front pages I don't know if I can or would want to do. See how. Me. I am just happy to share 'em here n' now. - they have kindly signed up to my twitter feed, so time to reinvestigate, as well as checking whether they are the same as the one above I noted here a while ago.
Biased BBC - not strictly enviro-specific, but in questioning the orthodoxy often espoused by our beloved national broadcaster some interesting links and arguments crop up. 'They' (moderators and regulars) can be as dogmatic as those they tackle, but on the whole the spirit of debate is worthwhile (I do take serious note when the few BBC apologists see no irony in their tackling the person rather than the argument). I bailed from contributing because I got part-moderated and that was unacceptable for the reasons given, as it betrayed their own desire to shape what is discussed. The link above is from but one thread. You'll need to either stay on top (which can be wearying) or hunt about.
campaignforrealrecycling - - Good spread of news and debate - - CO, safe to say
climatescience - and individual blogger and, safe to say, an optimist
climate-skeptic - not had a chance to review yet. I was going to suggest an obvious optimist by the moniker, but being sceptical can work both ways!
createstudio -
ecogeek - always a few nifty notions - looks interesting - on behalf of all environmentalists who don’t take themselves too seriously - works for me
ethical pulse - the magazine of the above -
Global Voices - oddly though, not Western Europe patch. An omission I feel
Greenbang - nice layout. Good variety. Interesting stories. Opportunity to comment.
GreenVoice -
Greenie Watch - a slight caveat to note in the actual URL. But a few interesting contra notions - NEW - very extensive, regular and useful. I cite it a lot.
Myzerowaste -
newconsumer -
National Downshifting Week
numberwatch - so long as they stick with the facts, worth a scope -
reducefootprints - -
repurposeful - -
senseaboutscience - A broad church but may have some nuggets
scrapthispack - not in favour, obviously - not yet reviewed in depth. Looks nifty and I think I may have commented on it already.
spiked - on the whole CO, safe to say - nice guy, well worth a scope - A worthy new call by Dave of Solarventi
thebudgetecoist - shaping up as a good regular read - has its own list which I must check out and add... so much to do, so little time;(
The Angry African - very smart cookie who thinks about the big e-picture - I came to this by one Saint Bob Geldof being a tad 'off-message'. Bless 'im.
The Register - a healthy (or should that be..) does of science-based eyebrow cranking
The Rubbish Diet - some nice thoughts and links
The waster's blog - Some informed insights from a guy at the sharp (mucky) end
tiptheplanet - very nice setup with lots of useful stuff. That said, having signed up I have no clue how to request stuff or make an edit. More my IT-numptiness with wiki-protocols, I am guessing. Puting this straight over the links list in the RHS Nav bar, too - Unreviewed as yet. Looks to be a CO
What about China? - With a title like that what's not to love? Actually a nice Q&A site


Some guys in the political firmament who seem to dip into the whole eco-thing:

Dr Wall's Diary - he's a head honcho (or whatever their leadership thing is) at the Green Party, so might know a thing or two. You'd hope so, anyway!
Micheal Meacher
John Redwood

I know, there's more. Oodles more. I just have to dig 'em out. So tell me!

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