Monday, September 14, 2009

COMPETITION - iawards 09


WHEN: Deadline This Wednesday, 16th Sept
WHAT: iawards09
WHAT... MORE?: from blurb - Launched by the Government to recognise and celebrate the best of British science, innovation and technology, the iawards are backed by Science and Innovation Minister Lord Drayson and leading businessman James Caan.
HOW MUCH: Hard to tell without looking through in detail, but I think free
COMMENTS: Two words: 'Oh, bu**er'. Yet another that I can't resist (if it is indeed free), as much for getting us under the noses of judges if not doing well and hence gleaning PR, but why oh why do I only hear about them with two days to go... and doubtless a ton of preparation (the entry notes PDF is 21 pages!) required!!!!

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