Thursday, October 22, 2009


Kicking off with carriers. They're big in the news. I guess it's worth running a factual tally as a category.

Carrier Bags

Junkk Blog - inspired by an Indy piece

Guardian - some facts, if from a certain direction


Junkk Blog - about the hazards of disolved plastics in the ecosystem - inspired by the BBC

Plastics News - Time discovers the 'truth' about plastics
Time - The piece in question

BBC - A month without plastic - Lone woman sets off on personal campaign for a wee while. Gets lots of coverage from national broadcaster.

ps: I have kept all my waste for sveral years, luv... and advocate making stuff out of it. I wonder if she lives near White City by chance, or works in PR?

BBC - Her blog - Actually quite interesting, while it lasts, which can be a slight probelm with these (tried it for a while and then gave up when the funding stopped) efforts. Not all of us have a blog/commission that supports the effort. Or see it as a finite project measured in units of days.

Plastics News - Living without (some) plastics - Picked up and got 'em thing across the pond, mind. Time to get busy with my store of junk!

Earthfirst - The Impossible Task of Cutting Plastic Out of Your Life - Nothing is impossible. Just sometimes circumstances mean a few sensibel compromises need to be made.

Wasteonline -

Reuters - Scientists study huge plastic patch in Pacific - Not sure if such an area counts as a 'patch' mind. I still think if they are looking at mining landfills, this source is a no-brainer.

Reminds me of a Futurama episode

Information - NEW - How long does plastic take to break down?

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