Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What 'e sed!


Good point. One of... quite a few on the issue of who says anything is anything. From what constitutes a 'young marketer' (it's another thread somewhere) to what plastic bags are acceptable. On the latter, more serious (jobs and enviROIs are often at stake) side, most seem to originate from unelected knee-jerks with a good PR and/or speed dial to a media luvvie, which then gets hyped and spun to acquire a head of self-interested steam, and thus gets picked up as useful idiot populist distractions from the real, major issues being mishandled by the elected variety.

I should declare a slight interest, as not all that is junk need be bad:

Peter Martin
Junkk Male

(Mind you, it's the extra Special K that makes all the difference - and yes, we do have a use for that too)

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