Friday, December 05, 2008


Christmas is coming, the geese (well everyone making a green buck) are going to get fat...

I have decided to kick off a festive thread with things that pass my way that can spread the cheer... and lighten the load:

General Tips

Gaurdian - A-Z of tips for a green Christmas


Send an e-card this Christmas with Envirowise - not reviewed as yet

Campaign aims to recycle 100m Christmas cards
- still unsure what's wrong with the weekly kerbside recycle bin. But hey-ho, let's pop off to the supermarket then!

Gift tags - I'm doing/have done a separate blog on this to attempt to address the various other eco considerations. So this is just a home DIY link that does still use power, ink and paper.


Guardian - Avoiding unsustainable Christmas gifts - nice in theory. Do they have kids? Kids who do not watch TV? Who do not have friends? But some nice ideas as you 'de-tune'. I must say the poster who suggested they don't use the same paper to flog coffee makers that use individual plastic pots has a point.

Guardian - Should I send a cow this Christmas?


Guardian - Low-carbon Christmas lights


Recycling website offers free Christmas presents - No URL, but I'm sure it's track-downable


Recycle your Christmas tree
- our falsie has done us 15 years and counting, mind

Guardian - NEW - Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

As always, if you'd like to share, let me know and I'll add 'em here too.

Ho, ho, ho.

1 comment:

Dave said...

The video clip of the xmas tree fire in the 'new' Guardian link addition isn't very Ho Ho Ho at all! From a flicker of flame to a totally destroyed living room in 40 seconds! Strewth!
We've not had a real tree for 15 years, and after watching that clip I don't think I ever will again! Not so much chestnuts roasting round an open fire, but your whole family as well!
Very, very scary.