Monday, December 10, 2007

All wind and bluster?

Or, perhaps, a real positive step forward?

Despite the fact that some question the ROI of wind turbines and that there is already a worldwide shortage of turbine technology due to the massive increase in demand, the government seem intent on a major offshore wind turbine program. Some 7,000 new wind turbines with a capacity of up to 25GW are planned.

"Every home in the country could be supplied by wind power alone in 2020 by making full use of the wind-swept seas around the country"

Big claim. Let's see if it's followed up with actual action. Oh, damn, I just spotted that it contains that magic word 'could' again!

BBC - Wind power plan for every home.

FT - Government pursues offshore wind power plan.

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Peter said...

Beat me too it, but I will persevere with my morning blog on the same note.

Just note that word: 'Could...'

With all the science and engineering ability we have, why can it not be validated to within a reasonable level of accuracy?