Monday, December 10, 2007

More warnings

See, it's not just me, everyone's churning out warnings about the implications of climate change. Yet another report pointing out the tensions that climate change will likely induce has been published as reported by The Straits Times - "climate change could heighten tensions and trigger conflicts worldwide"

Here's ReliefWeb's commentary on the same report. "The report suggests four 'climate-induced conflict constellations'. These are degradation of freshwaters; decline in food production; increase in storm and flood disasters and environmentally-induced migration."

Not only that, but the International Herald Tribune reports that the World Health Organisation is warning "The world must prepare now for the serious impact climate change will have on health, from a jump in waterborne diseases to heart attacks and heat-wave deaths"

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Peter said...

I hate to say it, but I fear we may be hitting warning fatigue already.

What might make a difference is a disaster, though obviously one does not will that.

And, in any case, as with such as the Boxing Day tsunami and Katrina, it is clear that what happens in another backyard does not exactly impact for long elsewhere. Even Tewksbury is but a memory. And the follow-up flood show I saw the other day was on folk who were moaning, yet had set up on a... flood plain.

So it's especially tricky when things are not clear cut. I am one who is unsure of how much Katrina was down to MWCC and how much was down to plain dumb planning and emergency management. And once the dust has settled and/or the waters subsided, when those who do bear scrutiny try and use a catch-all 'Global Warming' excuse it seems to backfire woefully.