Monday, December 03, 2007

I could be RSS'd

You might not know it but, with luck, this blog is now strangely different.

As a consequence of getting in a tangle trying to log on to another site 'feed' (this word crops up a lot... and I am still not much the wiser), I ended up clicking a bunch of things and....

...the long and short of it is that I think I have now added an RSS 'feed' option via 'Feedburner' to by blog.

What's that mean? Well, to be honest I have currently no blooming idea.

I think what it means that if you like what you see and read here, and want to come back, you can click on something that makes it easier. It may even mean you get told when a post goes up, which means several a day.


It's OK.... because I'm worth it:)

There is also a small Brazilian woodland's worth of print out on my desk to read in bed tonight as there were scores of links to instructions to do new stuff - all with odd names - that may make the experience better all round. So I guess I'll be playing a while. Icons. Twiddly bits. Audio. Video. Stats.

And of course between my Mac and PC and Safari and IE and Firefox, it all looks totally different in each browser. I can see a little button up there now on one at least (though not, oddly, FireFox, who are Google/Blogger chums), which is nice.

Hope it works out. For the best. For all of us.

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