Monday, December 03, 2007

Moments from a blog

While devotes itself to the unremittingly positive and 'nice', this blog at least affords me the luxury of having a bit of a rant and, on occasion, a go.

I really must restrain myself. But, I'd like to think, there is some justification inasmuch as I am usually only keen to pop some pompous bubble, usually being inflated with hot air by one (or collection of same) who seems to 'know' what's good for us. Or, worse, is so convinced that what some others are doing is not, see it as their mission to stop 'em. I guess there are a few areas where a ban sadly is the only recourse, but I'd really like to think we have exhausted all other options first before reaching for the speed dial to one's PR, who in turn reaches for the speed dial to their favourite Editor to launch a 'reporter' off on a slow news day. And put a few folk making stuff out of a job.

But just as I used to envy my mates at uni who got all the girls by coming all over bomb banning, whilst I had this small niggle that maybe greeting the Russians with a Lee Enfield might not quite be the best deterrent of first effectiveness, so I must confess to thinking how blooming easy it would be just to have at anything that comes across my sights, and do so from the cosy cover of it being, or even just looking, 'green'...ish. Or not even having to concern oneself with any alternatives or, if one has, then whether these really are effective anyway.

This struck me as I was working through the Telegraph blogs. What fun it would be to just let rip, and the heck with whether it's fair or justified or anything other than a good way to daub myself in an arboreal hue and bask in the approbation of half of Islington, Dorset or the South Cotswolds (well, the bits not scraping a living in real jobs, that is).

Just look what I could do (I've left out the political ones, though even a few here offer pickings of richness:

Adding elegance to a room - Fireplaces, huh? That would be the dirty great hole up which a vast amount of the central heating escapes?

Confessions of a fake blonde - How much peroxide, in how many bottles, from how many trips... get consumed to look like a BBC news reader?

A portrait's progress - 'Squeezed in a trip to South Africa'. As you do.

I could go on (and do the same for all the rest), but I think I'm coming over all Marvin (it's a HitchHiker's Guide thing), and really can't be bothered.

At least most would have got a comment. Which rather begs the question as to what these types do... and who pays them. I guess it's the travel ads.


Dave said...

Turning into a paranoid android then?

Peter said...

Not really.

I doubt a robot would be stirred to such peaks of passion and depths of depression as I do by all the venal, sloppy and downright wrong stuff that is out there.

And I am not sure that anything here (at least - it can of course happen on occasion that I do end up thinking 'they' are watching me, which is why I have the tin foil hat on) smacks too much of paranoia... or does it? Are you out to get me too!!!!!

Mainly I felt I was feeling like I was becoming a tad too much like those I critique and, having decided I was still the right side just about, decided to show what could happen if I went over fully to the sarky side.

It really is too easy to snipe. So one must always try to have to hand at least rational reasons why and, if possible and appropriate, alternatives to suggest which might make things better.

Off now to make some reuse stuff for my drive to London to participate in a free show on planet saving ideas at the Science Museum. I'm hoping they may cover my petrol at least.

Wonder how much a quango consultant would charge? Or a reporter or pol would claim?