Tuesday, December 11, 2007

'Oh Aunty, what big fingers you have!'

'All the better to flip you one whilst plugging my ears... tra-la-la-la...' One in three Brits back BBC accuracy.

And, for those enjoying the ten golden years that is our nu-education system, that makes 2 in 3... don't. I was moved to write:

Oh, heavens, do get with the (new) programme.

As Ed Balls has clearly explained regarding the country's relative positions in educational standards in a similar global survey: it's not that we're doing worse; it's just the others that are doing oodles better.

I am sure the BBC, who will cheerfully read out any press release they are given from such worthy sources, will be able to apply the same reasoning or cherry pick to suit.

"We are also seen as the most trusted news provider, especially in times of crisis and for big breaking news stories. This clearly shows the value audiences place in us."

There we go.

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