Sunday, December 02, 2007

You read it here first... well, second, well...

Just make sure you always read this with eyebrow aware of the origins.

CBS Seeking 'Irreverent,' 'Hip' Journalist for Eco-Beat (No Knowledge Required)

But facts are facts.

I just have to say that, while minor, this really does offer an unfortunate insight into how climate change is viewed and treated by those tasked with sharing it with the general public. Actually, It is the use of the word 'journalist' that throws one. One suspects this is really an empty talking head that spouts the script provided. What is more of relevance is what lies behind those words supplied.

But it all serves up a tasty morsel to those who cast nasturtiums. And in this I am one. The issue of climate is too serious not to entrust to those who care about dealing with it professionally. You can be irreverent and hip, but you should have a pretty good grasp of what's going on... or what is not yet known.

Abilities all to sadly lacking in most I see spouting forth, doubtless packing their Speedos for Bali.

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