Thursday, January 10, 2008

And little fleas have littler fleas...

Is it time to replace a five year old PC?

It can be frustrating, and while one can understand and appreciate (but not in a good way) the commercial imperatives, in this more eco-age you really have to question why it all gets driven to upgrade and dispose on such a short window.

For example, my little Mac Mini has hummed away happily for the last few years.

The other day I was told of a useful new software called Bento from FileMaker that would be a nifty assist to what I do.

Unfortunately, it only works with Leopard. So at the very least I have to make that upgrade from my current Tiger system.

Thing is, Leopard pretty much pushes the hardware I have to the edge of its capabilities so to move on I have to get a whole new box.

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