Thursday, June 26, 2008



BBC - Parents 'stop children cycling' - Heart says yes; had says 'nice try, gov/media combo'. Took the boys out for a jaunt and almost got mown down. They will not cycle without me (not that I would have afforded much beyond a source of blood) until much older.

BBC - The bicycle backlash unfolds - The law of unintended consequences? Or just rubbish planning?

Guardian - The wheel of generosity - As interesting for where it is printed as what it is saying. And, if true, the numbers quoted in the post and subsequent comments do give cause to cock an enviROI eyebrow.

Times - Try cycling the wheelbarrow to work - an option, if you have the money and surroundings

Indy - NEW - Back in the saddle: Why the Government wants more children cycling to school



bikeit -


BBC Green - Biking for beginners
Sunday Times - Bike Clinic & Backpedaller
Sunday Times - Webwise: everything you wanted to know about cycling - Well, a fair bit maybe, but not all.
Sunday Telegraph - Maybe Cameron should take a taxi? - I include this less as something to add to any info on the joys and options of cycling, but more to show how, like Climate Change, it has become polarised (if not politicised) beyond any rational discourse.

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