Monday, January 28, 2008

From Bali to ...... Hawaii

The plane-loads of pols, civil servants, bureaucrats and associated hangers on have now decamped to Hawaii for yet another international discussion group (starting this Wednesday) on climate change (as reported by Reuters).

Strange that this bash seems to have been kept a lot quieter than previous rounds. Ah, I've just realised that it's a little different; this time it's hosted by the USA, and the meeting is "aimed at curbing climate change without stalling economic growth." The meeting is actually a continuation of the talks that took place in Washington last year (which resulted in what exactly?), where the USA took considerable stick for its entrenched position over the Kyoto agreement. "There has been no change in position whatsoever in this White House. They were hoping to sell their position to the rest of the world and that's not working."

The thing is, if climate change is as potentially dangerous to humanity as the scientists say it is, then economic growth is probably going to be the least of our worries. It all sounds rather reminiscent of the band playing as the Titanic slowly went down.

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Peter said...

Was this not from a song in South Pacific (ok, so my geography isn't so good... close enough):

"Talking, tlaking, happy talk, talk abou things we'd liek {wouldn't we all, dears] to do [ready when you are]...

Speaking of which, I'll be posting the retiring Director of FoE's comments about the political wil...won't closer to home, when I get a 'mo.