Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dire and dire

Just a few thoughts on the state of governance and the media, starting with the Andrew Marr show:

I see Mr. Purnell described as 'up and coming' and a 'future leader in waiting'. Just wondering how 'up and coming and future leaderlike' is he, say, to Mr. Milliband, who seems to have had similar sales pitches in the past.

He is certainly in with a chance with such a useful CV (an ex-BBC employee, like an awful lot... too many ... in government), which should get around needing to pay for PR and get in the troubles such as Messrs Hain and Johnson have/are experienced/ing.

Also he seems on safe, secure ground in trotting out a load of stuff that 'will' (well, might) be done to address problems and issues, without actually needing to explain in great depth as to how all this happens now, and yet again, after this administration has been in power and in theory addressing all this... or not... for how long already?

As I watch on, having written the above I watch Sir Menzies Campbell relate how, during his leadership, a top reporter came with crew to visit him how he kept his socks up. Says a lot about the state of our media.

So, meanwhile, for Newswatch...

Just watched a programme promo for some Rugby.

I'd just like to ask that when it is quoted that 'some say they are descended from Gods', just who this 'some' who say this are?

And in a already celebrity obsessed culture, where the media is entirely complicit in setting up role models, especially to the younger generation, that are, how to say... in excess of realistic expectation and aspirations.

I may not like, but accept, that commercial entities might and do engage in such deification in the cause of pushing the next product and service, but expect better of the national broadcaster.

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