Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am Legend?

I refer, of course to the movie, where Will Smith is a sole survivor searching for fellow souls. So this struck a chord: US man saves all his rubbish -- for a year

For what it's worth, I have done roughly (no 'nasties' like scraping kept they go in the compost. And quite a lot of paper and bottles (not all) and cans (not all) in the kerbside collection bins) the same... now for four years. Lucky to have a bigg(ish) country home with a basement and attic and outbuildings. And a tolerant wife. But you'd be amazed how, when you have like-for like stacks, how well things slot into each other to save space. I have a Pot Noodle column that reaches two stories high!

Like Mr. Derfel, this was partly to see what exactly a family does throw out, but mostly to look at reuses for my site.

What is surprising is when one item sparks no notions, a collection of 50 can start the ideas a-buzzing.

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