Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A lot of things being said at once...

...Here: Clarkson stung after bank prank: Jeremy Clarkson found himself unexpectedly donating to charity

Where do I start?

a) Thanks heavens for folk with wit and a sense of humour
b) That they did it for charity
c) JC can be a plonker but at does at least own up and has the front to say when he's wrong
d) ID theft is real
e) All officialdom (from guv'ment to bans) are lying, cheating, derriere-covering numpties who will spin, hype and hide behind anything to avoid solving a problem first rather than dealing with it.
f) I can't believe he didn't limit his exposure with a dummy account and/or he and the bank stood guard post-publication in case.
g) The excuse given is PATHETIC!!!!!



I missed it too. I found out from the fall out, and have to say that his mea culpa or 'caveat didn't emptor enough' impressed. Probably did more for awareness than a £10M COI campaign.

Now there's a thought. Blow public dosh , or get a better result for free? Hmmn.

Having pondered a while I can't help but thing that those who did see it, and especially the man himself and his bank, seemed very chilled about a few minor advance precautions, such as limiting exposure with a new, not very full account, and a few flags... just in case.

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