Friday, January 11, 2008

If all you fight are corners, the rest of the room gets ignored

Newsnight - Galloway v Frum - not an eco aspect in sight, but goes to the set up for debate we are subjected to these days.

What a spectacular show... and follow up... if all you are gunning for is to win is a ratings war with the WWF.

A typical Newsnight twofer sandwich, with unpalatable, rock hard, entrenched extremes pitched either side of a soft,squishy bland centre.

All I got was a series of dogmatic vitriol that informed me little as I trusted no one's 'facts', or that they might be called to account on them, and hence all that was spewed around were just so many rabble-rousing words. As with so many issues, the choice of messenger can too often colour the message, as 'colourful' seems to be the dominating characteristic being sought by the 'expert' guest booker.

Par for the course.

Is it not possible to get a few more, or at least more rounded (even if it means possibly less 'entertaining") folk on to debate such important topics - such that one feels a slim hope that the issues are being discussed rationally and hard questions are being posed with cool heads, all moderated by someone who actually might attempt to get to to some decent answers and insights?

Thought not. Ho hum. Ding. Round #287.

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