Friday, January 11, 2008

Now who's a lucky monkey?

No, not M&S's version.

Some might recall that a while ago I latched onto a pretty positive fortune cookie that rather specifically indicated a lot of hefty nice stuff in the work arena by year's end.

Well, hard to say that came to pass.

Anyhoo, here's hoping that as the exact reverse happened with this (as Dave cautioned/predicted) then the same will apply here, being that I am a Monkey in the Chinese Lunar Calendar:)

The Monkey will not have an easy year compared to last year. But while the financial loss star will affect your luck this year, you also have some measure of protection with the Golden Deities star. Helpful people will rescue you out of any predicament. There is a tendency for the Monkey to lose his cool this year and this could lead to problems with relationships. So watch your temper. Carry the Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet and wear the Dragon Eye Dzi for protection. Activate Golden Deities luck by inviting a Golden Kuan Yin into your home and display her in the Northeast corner of your living room. Protect your house against burglary by displaying the Black Precious Elephant in the Southwest. For personal luck, wear the "Om Ah Hum" Pendant in gold . To enhance for better income, display a Dzambhala Water Feature in the Southwest of your living room. To enhance for relationship luck and good networking, place glitter lamps in the Southwest 3, Southeast 1 and North 2 corners of your home as this completes the 'Tien Ti Ren' formation which is very auspicious.

Anyone know if Tesco carry a Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet or associated artifacts?


Dave said...

And where the hell do you purchase an "Om Ah Hum" Pendant in gold?

Anonymous said...


Peter said...

Gotta love the internet's reach, if nothing else. How on earth was this connection made?

Anyoo, questiosn were posed and here are the answers sought, knidly provided.