Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ok, it's been a tough day so far

It’s green Gordon versus Felix, the filthy rich forester

What we need is a few more breath's of pragmatic air like this around to make a real difference.

And it seems to be the individual entrepreneurs we need to turn to.

Like politicians and hence governments and LAs and NGOs, even corporations are more concerned with what looks good than does any.

Hence we have more going down in the name of green that is either sidelining major issues or possibly plain not making the planet better for my kids.

For an example of how complex it can be, see here:


Maybe we need the likes of Mr. Dennis or maybe a Dyson to go the route of Google and fund genuine 'doing' ideas that are trying to make a difference, rather than the current crop of bottomless green pit quangocracies that are designed mainly to fund their bloated, self-serving infrastructures and comms budgets first before doling anything out to things that mainly tick the right boxes.

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