Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Writing about two sets of wrong

A top-sliced licence fee will trigger the BBC's destruction

'...the BBC, which is more loved and trusted than any government can hope to be.'

Everything is relative, I suppose. So an interesting defence position.

But I really wish those who enjoy our attention by virtue of where they are rather than who, and often seek/claim to speak for us (by claiming they 'know' what 'we' are thinking but usually are content to simply hector at instead) would stop this habit of making sweeping statements of fact that lack any valid substantiation.

For a start I rather doubt the whole country feels the same way about anything.

And now moving onto percentages, I reject the notion that a pol on a fact-finding tour surrounded by minders has any hope in hell of finding out what most average, working, licence-fee paying without option under threat of prison folk feel about Aunty than those they have on speed dial to pop into the studios from their North London boudoirs.

Parts of the BBC are great. Some of the BBC staff are great. A whole bunch else is/are not. And needs to change... or be changed.

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