Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Hot Topic

I was wondering just what David King had been up to of late - things had gone very quiet. Well, it seems he has been co-authoring a new book 'The Hot Topic', which is not written "by eco-warriors, but by pragmatists, who care about understanding the science, examining the problems, and looking for technological and political solutions."

This is the first review (from The Telegraph) of the book that I've spotted. And I just might have to put my hand in my pocket to get hold of a copy.

An interesting conclusion is drawn by the reviewer - "when it comes to the question of who you should believe, Al Gore's rhetoric is much closer to the truth than Channel 4's fairy tales."

I think I'd worked that one out for myself, but it's interesting to see such a conclusion in one of the broadsheets.

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Peter said...

He was in the Sunday Times either last week or the week before.

Actually in the main section, headed something like "I was the man who made Tony go nuclear".

Apparently now unfettered by being 'on staff', as it were (what with Generals and all leaping on the 'truth once the horse has bolted' bandwagon, I really think our country's leaders and policy makers need to decide whether waiting until they have locked down the index-linked is really serving the public as well as they might), it was rather chock full of jaw droppers on the people in charge, their attitudes and abilities to get their pea brains around science-related issues in particular.

Our current Dear Leader did not shine, either.