Thursday, February 14, 2008

REVIEW - The Green Guide

Bit of a quickie, and a shortie, to make a bit of a point about how those in the business of green can help each other, and the cause, by doing very little that can make such a big difference.

The other day I got a call from a nice lady checking my details for Well, one thing lead to another, and The Green Guide has kindly put a link up on their site.

And so, just for the purposes of mutual back massage, I have returned the compliment. Happy to.

Thing is, I can only do it, and then write about it here, and add it in the next newsletter (don't ask), because they took the 5 minutes to upload their stuff.

Odd how few do, even after I have invited them, and especially if they have mentioned us!

Anyway, back to the 'review'.

It's hard to do a better summary than their own:

There are currently more than 12,400 entries in the Green Guide Directory which makes it probably the largest and most comprehensive resource of green, sustainable and planet-friendly goods, services and organisations in the UK.

It's a very simple, clean design, mainly aiming to 'do what it says on the tin', with about a dozen main headings in a taskbar that lead you where you might wish to go.

No obvious search, but probably not needed. And maybe just as well, as's can often be a tad too 'inspired' to be of use!

But they are a more than welcome addition to the growing sources of info out there to help us all... and benefit without the dead hand of offcial agenda. Oh, and are, of course, free, to both use and add your buiness to.

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