Thursday, February 07, 2008

What is it bears do in the woods again?

I fear I am getting oversensitive to anything that smacks of overkill on the MWCC front, so must tread cautiously here.

I merely pose a question, having watched a BBC news slot about bears not hibernating in a UK zoo on account of the warm weather.... caused by.... you guessed it.

Do they usually do this? I'd have thought things were tad different as they are in an less than typical enviornment, namely a zoo pen in the more temperate UK.

So are our ursine chums usually tucked up over the winter months?

Sadly these days my trust factor in the science I am fed is so low that lack of such context simply makes me even more dubious.

And for some, if shown to be 'a stretch', it simply provides ammo to discredit other stuff that certainly should be making us take note at unusual weather/climate (whatever, I just gave up on a blog with two scientists knocking spots off each other on the correct usage of these. Who cares!!) anomalies.

No sh*t!

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