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Time to break this out as a separate category.

And also to note that when discussed before (as it is, often), the archiving separates singular from plurals, so you need to check 'BIOFUEL' and 'BIOFUELS' (see links at end) to get the full collection.

I will... one day... try to bring them all under here, but this is where it will all go from now on.

Sunday Times - Biofuels: Fields of dreams - a fair summary to kick off

BBC - Call for delay to biofuels policy

Guardian - Top scientists warn against rush to biofuel

Guardian - Biofuels: a solution that became part of the problem

Food& - Nestle chief warns biofuels threaten food supplies - another take... from a surprising source

The Register - Dave of Solarventi has flagged this up in comments: I think it worthy of a main link: Pork and politics energise the biofuel delusion - I really like their contributors' writing style (erring on the very witty, with a touch of sarky), but the sheer logic that their science base makes for compelling argument and opinion. Plus, even if they may not see it in such terms, they are very much in the vanguard of genuine enviROI+ advocacy. I might also have to lob this in the Compost and FWD categories, too.... assuming he's right.

Had to drop a note:

'And the prize for GW claptrap reporting goes, once again to, the BBC.'

To this statement, at the very least... Amen.

Whatever else one might think about the various issues surrounding 'Probably man-worsened climate change', I am still trying to get around our national broadcaster's total lack of irony.

Around the ice shelf story they had no problem advocating moon burials and a crew flying to Midway Island to go beachcombing for plastic to show how a bag ban will solve the various e-crises.

ps: Back on-topic, kudos for a most worthwhile story for those simply keen to avoid waste and reduce unnecessary greenhouse nasties going up - no matter what - 'in the name of green'.

Beverage Daily - Biofuels policy requires focus on sustainability, says CIAA

Guardian CiF - NEW - Fuelling the debate - no post as yet, oddly

Edie - Biofuel demand 'will increase GHGs'

The Register - Boffinry bigwig puts another boot into biofuels - Obviously not a 'pro' piece. Worth reading for some interesting (and funny) science-savvy comments.

Guardian - Demands for crackdown on biofuels scam - (links in piece to other info, some objective facts) The negatives just keep on piling up, which is a pity, as I am sure that in amongst it all there could be a positive angle to tell.. and embrace. I feel for all those who are trying to make businesses out of doing the right thing, in the right way, but will get tarred by a rather broad brush.

Guardian - Germany drops 'roadmap to biofuels' for cars

Guardian - Poor go hungry while rich fill their tanks - Lumme.. the negatives are piling up. I have to wonder if we are getting the true picture or as extreme a swing away as we had to that got the industry in this pickle.

Observer - Darling calls for urgent review of biofuel policies - That'll crack it, a 'review' is 'called for'.

Telegraph - Biofuel potential for commercially grown grass - rare good news?

Guardian - Biofuels: a blueprint for the future? - Not sure I'd call it a 'debate' as billed, but some views from a couple of bods who should know a thing or two. Trouble is, they are pols.

Newsnight & Indy - via Junkk -

Guardian - Fuelling the food crisis

Indy - Why biofuels could actually mean more CO2 emissions - That's a no form the UK's chemists (well CEO of their society), then.

gas2org - Twenty-Two Biodiesel Myths Dispelled -

Guardian - Brazil rejects biofuels criticism - And how. I have popped the Prez' comment as Quote of the Day

The Register - Royal Navy warships could run on sunflower oil - if fresh - 'Make smoke...d herrings, Number One' Actually, some interesting facts!

SAAB - Fuelling the BioPower argument - Bear in mind that this is from a company who makes a car that runs on the stuff.

Times - Biofuel: a tankful of weed juice

Guardian - The biofuel solution - Were it as simple as inferred

Guardian - Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis - Oh, dear. But shush, it's a secret. And soon there will be another report that says teh exact opposite, I'm sure.

The Grocer - Biofuels to blame for food price rises

Observer - Exclusive: we publish the biofuels report they didn't want you to read - I crank an eyebrow at anyything billed thus, mind.

Guardian - UK biofuel 'not up to standard' - That's alsmost 1 in 5! Whe do I suspect getting it to 38% might get billed by some as 100% improved!

BBC - EU in crop biofuel goal rethink

Times - NEW - Pumping the biofuels, from Rio to the Humber


BBC Green - Sixty-second-guide-to-biofuels

Guardian - Q&A: Biofuels

Renewable Fuels Agency -
Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO)

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