Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have a very deep green car

One of the greenest you can imagine.

However, that refers mainly to its colour. Though, by being a Volvo, when I bought it over a decade ago I do recall it having soem eco-bits even then.

Sadly, being petrol, its 1.9L engine is no longer that great on any front, but I can't afford a new one and will just have to soldier on keeping it as tippy-top with servicing as I can for safety, reliability and efficiency.

Ditto my wife's 1.4L Volks, which we inherited from my Mum.

So, come the budget, I was expecting some bad news and some good news. The Volvo would get upped for its 32mpg, but the Golf would go down for its 45+.

Er, no. Both go up. The Golf by a lot.

I am trying to get to grips with the logic of this on any basis, but especially environmental. It's all academic as we need (well, I guess she could get to work other ways, but there would be consequences we cannot afford. And I need an estate to shunt around the stand, for instance. No excuses, but fair explanations) them. So all stays the same, but a load more money from us goes... where? This is futher screwed up governemnt par excellence.

Especially as, to quote the Taxpayer's Alliance: 'The notoriously un-green Hummer incurs a rise of 14%, whereas the humble Nissan Micra will rise up to 24%. That's hardly a downsizing message.' Quite.

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