Sunday, March 16, 2008

Off his trolley

Experiment time!

We're very lucky to live in the centre of town, certainly within walking distance of most things one might need to visit.

And despite the boys now walking to school most definitely without me in tow, I can still 'pop' out daily to get a bit of this and that whilst grabbing some exercise. So a lot of fresh shopping is possible, and I usually remember a couple of hemp bags to do it with.

However, Sunday is usually when I do a dump run, and en route back pop into the supermarket for the weekly 'big' shop. Things like 24-packs of Coke, 5 kg washing powders and a few dozen juices. These, frankly, are rather beyond my shoulder to bear.

So I decided on an experiment. And you see the main feature of this pictured.

Combining a full-size dustbin and golf trolley, I cobbled together about the biggest person-powered device possible to carry out the task in one shot. And off I went.

Now there were only a few minor issues en route. One was the fact that our pavements are woeful, so it was almost impossible to get over some hazards and though others. The other was that all out and about looked at me like I was barking. Fortunately I am long past worrying about my reputation.

The shopping was also not too bad, especially as I did not get turfed out by the staff. But a few more serious issues did become clear. Firstly, whilst loading it up as I went around made sense to ensure that what I bought would fit, it was hard not to crush things as I piled stuff in. And, most of all, I fear this still ended up only about 1/4 of my normal shopping at best. A car boot can hold a fair bit.

The trip back was OK, but I am glad I had the lid on as it started raining. Also that I was strong enough to manage the load.

Yes, it was worth it, and worthy to be sure. But I have to say that one must have sympathy with those (and I am sure there are many) who through salary or circumstance don't have the time or money to contemplate much beyond grabbing a quick weekly stop at the local supermarket in their cars to get all they can in one bulk, BOGOF shot.

Something those spouting off from under their green halos would do well to bear in mind before they come out with their next smug pronouncement on what 'we' 'should' or 'should not' need to do by way of conducting our lives.

Few enjoy the idyllic lifestyle espoused by a few, who pedal gaily in the sunshine past Jethro milking his cow en route to mid-morning Pilates prior to jetting off for a weekend's diving in Dubai, able to request a quick pint squeezed fresh into the jug in the wicker pannier to sip whilst lathering up the next big eco-issue.

But it's nice to know our family at least can lug a bit more than some home on Shank's Pony for when 'they' get round to banning cars to all but those who get their travel paid for on expenses (MPs, BBC journalists, NGO directors' wives, etc).

ps: D'Uh! Spellcheck is back and I hadn't twigged 'til now.


Daily Telegraph - Rehabilitate the shopping trolley! - Saw it on the BBC news, and now here. Nice to see I am ahead of the curve. I think mine is more 'cool'. The downsides remain, sadly.

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