Sunday, March 23, 2008

A matter of principle

If only Gordon Brown could drive

It's a shame that the subsequent thread posts show the polarisation such blog posts inspire, and which often render these things such a trial.

I have to say I have much sympathy with the basic thrust of this piece, though not specifically or restricted to driving, and its costs per se.

It just the worrying trend of quite significant decisions or, more often, impositions, being made on many by a few almost totally isolated from the actual realities and/or consequences of them.

Extending the automotive motif, beyond chauffeured ministers and taxi-fare redeemed Mayors, there is also the simple fact of the London-centricity of it all.

Simply put, you really don't need to use your car as much there, and certainly not to get to work. Ignoring the situation elsewhere, by politician, activist and even media, is positively divisive. The latest 'green' measures have done nothing to support more economical motoring options, or encourage any decent enviROI moves, and merely added a swingeing additional tax burden to those struggling to cope already with all the other costs imposed to pay for index-linked salaries and pensions.

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