Saturday, March 22, 2008

Semantic Antics

Again the plastic bag issue rears its head on the BBC, but in so doing rather highlights another 'Two 'E's' issue, this time Ecology vs. Environment.

I was moved to request that this dilemma at least be better addressed:

I see the BBC again plugging the notion that celebs buying designer reuseables at 'only ' £5 a pop is the best 'awareness' way to be greener.

Having done the free commercial for the luvvie brigade's profits, on a more pragmatic level we have the reporter standing in Oxford Street. But then we get into semantics. He is bang on when he says that retailers are responding to 'solve' the 'ecological' problem with... paper bags. No choking a turtle there.

However, I'd be keen for the national news broadcaster to inform me as to the 'environmental' impact of this switch...

I believe the greenhouse gas consequences of this option might be of relevance in the mix.

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